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Covid-19 RT-PCR Laboratory Analysis

RT-PCR testing is the standard testing method used to confirm an individuals’ current infection status. It is highly accurate and can detect very low levels of infection, being most effective in the first 21 days after initial exposure when virus levels are at their peak.

RT-PCR tests are the same tests used by Government testing centres – with which we are all familiar. The test involves using a swab to collect mucus from the back of the throat and the inner nostril. The swab is then sealed in a sterile container and sent to a laboratory to verify the presence, or lack of, the virus’ genetic material.

Laboratory technicians use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technologies to detect viral DNA in the sample and then extract, amplify and identify the genetic RNA material of the virus. This rather complex procedure and the delay incurred by sending the samples to the laboratory, make it far less practical than Lateral Flow (AntiGen) testing as a screening method. However, RT-PCR testing should always be used to confirm any ‘positive’ rapid test results for absolute confirmation of the presence of the virus.

We can carry this test out for you or, as RT-PCR swab collection does not require medical supervision, this test can be carried out by the individual themselves either at home or on your premises to send by post to the laboratory.

PCR testing cannot determine the level of infection (it will only give a ‘yes-or-no’ answer as to whether the virus’ DNA is present in the sample or not); nor can it detect whether an individual has been infected in the past. After 21 days, PCR testing is less effective because developing antibodies start to fight the virus and eliminate it from the body – testing for a prior Covid-19 infection would require a Covid-19 Antibody Test.

NB: Recent administration of the Covid-19 vaccination will not cause a positive test result.


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RT-PCR testing for International travel

Whether you trade internationally or have branches worldwide, international travel may be a prerequisite for some employees. This may not be quite as straightforward during the pandemic, especially if you need a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate.

We can supply PCR test kits, but it’s important to plan the timing of your test in advance – if you require a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate, you need to show that the date of your RT-PCR test (not the result) took place a maximum of 72 hours before flying.

As regulations change and differ, it is the individuals’ responsibility to check for the most up to date information. As well as speaking to the airline directly, useful details can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

June was really fantastic. She followed all the Covid safe guidelines to set-up the Lateral Flow (Antigen) and Antibody testing kits, she explained what the tests really mean and provided all the necessary information. Testing itself was virtually painless (pin prick or nose swab) and the results were provided in about 15 minutes. Our results were negative, but I’m glad we haven’t got the virus and whatever we are doing is still keeping us safe. Thanks again!

Narendhar Tangella. Bluechip
June arrived promptly in her professional uniform and in full PPE clothing. She was meticulous about cleanliness and sanitized the work surface and the equipment she used. June provided a very professional information card and explained the procedure very clearly. The test was carried out with precision and without any pain, and the results were very transparent for all to see. I would unreservedly recommend June to carry out Covid-19 screening.

Helen Plimmer.
I’ve just had a Covid-19 antibody test. I was initially nervous to have this so I thought it would be useful to share how I found it. Safety was probably my biggest concern as I was inviting somebody into my house, but I needn’t have worried – June was wearing full PPE, she sterilized all the surfaces she used pre- and post test. This made me feel really safe. I was also unsure about what the test would tell me and whether it was value for money. Before taking the test June fully explained what she’d be testing and all the possible outcomes in detail. I felt able to ask questions (even silly ones) and June left a comprehensive leaflet with me, with all the information on. The test itself was pain free and simple, and I got my results within 15 minutes. Finally I guess it can feel uncomfortable inviting someone into your own home. I found June very professional, personable and approachable. I have to say I am so glad I had it done.

Sam Young. Head of Marketing, Argos
We’ve recently had our Covid-19 Antibody Tests completed. June made herself a sterile, safe and clean environment before thoroughly explaining to us exactly how the process worked. She guided us through step-by-step regarding what she was about to do. The results were back in 15 minutes and we couldn’t have been happier with the results and the service. June is an asset to Celebrate Health & Fitness. You should get yourself booked in today.

Lee Clayton-Harvey. Head of Marketing, Veterinary Business Development
June from Celebrate Health & Fitness visited us in October after my daughter had been in contact with a positive case 1 week earlier. Our life plans at the time meant we needed to know ASAP if she was a risk to other family and friends. We also wanted to know if my husband had Covid-19 earlier in the year when testing wasn’t as widely available. The booking was carried out over the phone, simply and efficiently with June visiting us the next morning to carry out the antibody test. She arrived with all the required PPE and a friendly smile. The testing process was very calm and explained fully. We knew exactly what was going on and what she was testing for. 15 minutes or so after the test the results were clear and fortunately they were negative. Whatever the results had been, the test gave us clarity and reassurance on what to do next. Life was no longer held in limbo and a weight was lifted.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Celebrate Health & Fitness to anyone looking for quick reassurance from a friendly and efficient company.

Lindsey Copperwheat. TC Kitchens

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All of our Covid-19 Test Kits are approved by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and carry a CE mark showing that they comply with all relevant EU Directives.
Tests are carried out by our Professional Health Technicians, wearing full PPE,
at a Covid secure location on your business premises. To ensure the safety of both your team and ours, our Health Technicians are tested on a weekly basis.
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Whether you require one-off screening of your employees or regular testing, we can create a bespoke testing programme that will minimise disruption to your activities and protect your workforce and clients.