Our Star Team

Aside from our exceptional team of Personal Trainers, the Celebrate Health and Fitness team
consists of a Health Screening Technician, a Mental Health Coach and a Sports Massage Therapist
– all of whom share the same passion and work ethic.

Peter Moorhead

Managing Director

I set up Celebrate Health & Fitness in 2007 to do better. Years later and running a small business myself, I’m very aware of the risks of ill health and injury to employers and employees alike. I’m proud to have put together a team of talented trainers, therapists and technicians to work with companies who take social responsibility and workplace wellbeing as more than a ‘tick box’ exercise.

June Srivalsan

Senior Health Technician

I believe that equipping people with knowledge regarding their current health status, allows them to make informed decisions; take better control of their health; reduce the risk of developing a health problem; and not rely so heavily on our NHS. Health checks are an integral part of our wellbeing services, and (as a qualified phlebotomist) I have many years experience doing health screening.

Jonathan Pittam

Mental Health Coach

Having experienced the impact of poor mental health first hand. I started delivering workshops and programmes to groups wanting to get healthy and transform their lifestyles. Taking a holistic mind and body approach to mental health, we can truly affect behavioural change through a better understanding of the role of things like sleep; diet and exercise; and the environment.

Viki Drury

Sports Massage Therapist

I’ve worked with Celebrate since I qualified with an Honours Degree in Sports Therapy, 10 years ago. I treat whatever condition needs attention, be it tight muscles, pain, or restricted movement. Each body is different and I use a combination of massage techniques to aid recovery, improve athletic performance and flexibility. Massage also helps to relieve tension headaches and stress pains.

Simon Dean

Senior Personal Trainer

I became a Personal Trainer in 2013 and In doing so, discovered that as long as you can move, it’s never too late to improve your fitness and to feel confident and full of energy again.
Helping people to get fitter, stronger, and healthier is a real privilege and I consider myself very lucky that I am able to do this work.

Anna O

Personal Trainer

Combining my love of contemporary dance with Pilates seemed like a natural step for me and as I went through my Advanced Pilates Training, I became even more convinced.
Everyone is unique, with different body structures and minds requiring an individual approach to exercise and I love helping people overcome their difficulties to reach their full potential.

Faye Jordan

Personal Trainer

Age 20, I was diagnosed with cancer. I lost sight in my right eye, hearing in my right ear, and had only 40% lung capacity. Recovery was tough (I had to learn how to walk and drive again), so I decided to retrain as a fitness instructor specialising in training people with medical problems. Nowadays, my children are growing up fast, and in my spare time I compete in Powerlifting and Strongwoman (National and International level).

Andrea Breslin

Personal Trainer

I was unfit and overweight, smoking and drinking too much and heading towards 40 fast. I knew that I had to do something, so I worked hard, lost two stone and rediscovered my self-esteem. It didn’t just change my life, it changed my family’s lives too.
I wanted everyone to feel like this, so I became a Personal Trainer to help other people find their true selves again.

Roland Patterson

Personal Trainer

I’ve been involved in sport and fitness for as long as I can remember – playing football at a high level representing Bucks County and Luton FC.
I believe the key to training is to have fun and I get immense satisfaction from helping people achieve their goals. Regardless of age, lifestyle and fitness levels, it’s always possible to change.