NEW Zoom Fitness… remote training sessions now available

Keep your workforce physically fit and reduce the stresses of home working during lockdown. Our remote fitness training sessions will help to maintain activity, keep your body moving and your mind strong.

Supporting you during lockdown

Here at Celebrate Health & Fitness we spent the first few weeks in lockdown learning how to use new tech to reach and support our customers. The biggest worry – we were told by employers – was how isolation could have a negative impact on the mental health of their workforce, and indeed, our first online sessions from Jonathan (our mental health coach) were to address these concerns.

We have always recognised the correlation between mental health and physical fitness, so our team of Personal Trainers have also adapted their coaching methods to bring online fitness training into people’s homes.

We now have pre-recorded video content (freely available on our Exercise Videos page), where you can learn the moves in advance before joining others for a Zoom fitness session at an agreed date and time.

So far it has worked well and the feedback has been very encouraging. We hear that it’s been good to have the opportunity to learn the routines first, and what’s made it fun has been joining in with other people when participants are not able to meet face-to-face. Some people are even enjoying a little healthy competition along the way. Plus, it’s been an enjoyable way of staying in contact with work colleagues and keep each others spirits up.

Take a look at our ‘Launch Pad’ video, which explains what you will need to get started – either at home, or in a quiet place at work.


What you need to know

Simple and convenient

Zoom is a free online video conferencing application, which we use to host our online fitness sessions.

Most internet enabled devices – such as, smart phones, tablets and laptops – come with in built microphones and video camera functionality, so as long as you have access to a device you can take part anywhere with an adequate internet connection.
Joining us is pretty easy. Zoom Fitness sessions can be accessed via the Zoom website or app by clicking on the session link that we provide – preferably 5 to 10 minutes before the session is due to start.

Live and interactive

Unlike video ‘streaming’ our Zoom Fitness sessions provide a live and dynamic experience with two-way interactivity. We can see you, hear you and interact with you in real time – and vice-versa – so you’ll receive the same level of instruction and real-time feedback as you would receive in person.

Where you participate from is up to you. You can join us from the comfort of your living room, a quiet space at work, or even take your wifi-connected device outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Find Zoom download links for your specific internet enabled device by clicking on the button below.

Thanks to all the PTs at Celebrate Health and Fitness for offering regular Zoom sessions during these unprecedented times. Without, Simon, Andrea, Anna and Roland welcoming me into their homes, I’m not sure how I would have coped. Their innovative classes and making use of household items for weighted exercise has been inspirational. There have been very few Zoom issues and I’m pleased and surprised at how much detail they can spot, especially Anna. It’s also been great to see some pets joining in 🙂
Huge thanks also to Rachel for her ‘Zoomba’ sessions. Not having previously been a fan of Zumba; I typically go left when the rest of the class go right, it was great to be able to dance around my living room to some great tunes shaking my booty like I just didn’t care. I’d definitely do a Zoomba class again. Thanks all and keep up the good work.

Anita Howard
The training modules ‘De-stress Behind the Wheel’ and ‘Sleep’ were very engaging, interesting and useful, giving myself and my drivers lots of tips and advice on how to manage personal stress levels in various life and workplace circumstances, and how to review your approach to your sleeping habits in order to promote better, higher quality sleep, improve personal health and work performance. I thoroughly recommend this training as an essential part of a company’s responsibility towards its ongoing driver wellbeing.

Celebrates’ great instructors have helped me gain confidence and increase my fitness levels. They’ve helped me reach my goals and always keep fitness training interesting and challenging. Having Zoom access to physical and mental therapy sessions, plus expert sports massages to help target those troublesome aches and pains, has been especially helpful since having to work more from home.

Garry Oliffe
If you would like to find out more about how we are keeping people physically fit and helping to reduce the stresses of home working, then please get in touch today.