Massage therapy to relieve pain, ease tension and promote healing

Delivered by trained and certified professionals, massage is a complementary therapy that will further support and boost the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of your employees.

Massage is an element of fitness and wellbeing that is often neglected, but the benefits of a good massage can have an immediate impact in relieving sore, tired muscles and increasing your range of movement and flexibility. We offer a range of massage techniques to treat a multitude of problems, conditions and injuries, from stress and tension to strained muscles and torn ligaments.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Particularly effective in preventing and treating muscle injuries and pain, athletes commonly use Sports and Deep Tissue Massage to improve athletic performance and support them through training – for pain relief and maintainence of healthy muscle tissue; and to encourage healing and reduce recovery time after injury. However, this treatment isn’t only for athletes, anyone can benefit.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage uses a range of intense massage techniques which can:

  • treat tight, weak muscles and areas of restricted movement
  • restore muscle tone and muscular balance
  • reduce tension and improve flexibility
  • promote recovery from injury
  • relieve tension headaches
  • alleviate stress pains
  • invigorate the body and revive tired muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of our immune system consisting of a complex network of vessels and organs under the skin. This network is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to our cells, but its primary role is to cleanse our system and fight infection by collecting fluid from body tissue, purifying it, and returning it to our bloodstream.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a therapeutic treatment, which draws out excess fluid and toxic waste build-up held in the muscles and tissues; stimulates the circulation of lymph fluids around the body; and boosts the bodies capacity to fight infection and disease.

Lymphatic drainage massage can:

  • provide a significant boost to your immune system and general wellbeing
    speed up recovery from illness
  • aid in the prevention of swelling after injury or surgery
  • speed up healing and improve the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks
  • reduce water retention, swelling, puffiness and blotches
  • improve your metabolic rate and help you burn calories more efficiently
    reduce cellulite by breaking down fat cells and removing the toxins that cause dimply skin.

Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage is a treatment that targets emotional relaxation and circulation. Championed for its ability to reduce both emotional and physical stress, Swedish Massage is one of the most common and effective massage therapies.

Utilising a combination of light to firm gliding strokes, this massage technique:

  • improves circulation
  • stimulates the skin and nervous system
  • elongates the muscles to release muscle tension
  • promotes total relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

Bringing together the benefits of Aromatherapy and Swedish massage, the therapeutic qualities of aromatherapy massage are especially beneficial for stress-related concerns.
Essential oils used in aromatherapy massage work on two different levels: firstly, via your sense of smell – certain scents can trigger a relaxation response in the brain; secondly, via skin absorption – many essential oils contain anti-inflammatory properties and may be applied (diluted in a carrier oil) to the skin to fight infection or relieve pain.

Incredibly relaxing, an aromatherapy massage can:

  • lift your mood
  • reduce stress
  • ease physical tension
  • soothe aching muscles
  • boost the immune system
  • improve your overall sense of wellbeing.
I injured my back and shoulder several months ago and was initially told by the doctor to rest at home. After a week of sitting and not being able to move, I went to see Viki who had been recommended to me by a family member. During the consultation session she managed to work out what job I did just from the pattern of my injuries and found the problem right away. I went for treatment twice a week and my back quickly became less painful and my shoulder moved more freely.  Viki gave me a series of stretches and exercises to do at home, which made a huge difference to the way I felt and allowed me to return to work much sooner than if I had just rested. She gave me advice about how I could adjust my work environment to accommodate my injury, as well as changing the way I sit in the car to make travelling more comfortable. I now go to see her once a week and have been really encouraged by the progress I’ve made with her help. I am much more confident that I can do normal things again without re-injuring myself. Sometimes I go in with a specific area that is painful and she works on it for the whole time, other times she massages my whole back, but I always leave feeling much better. I would recommend Viki to anyone who is worried about asking for help with an injury or bad back.

Stephen P. Dunstable
I’d never had any type of sports massage before so it was unknown territory for me. Having recently injured my IT band during a running event, I asked Viki to have a look at it. Viki undertook a deep tissue massage on my legs and worked on releasing my IT Band – which by her own admission was quite tight. After a thorough massage (complete with some eye watering moments and deep breaths) my issue was sorted and it has not been a problem since. This has been proven by the fact that just a few weeks afterwards I participated in an off-road 10K run complete with varying obstacles, and the leg held up fine. I would have no hesitation in recommending Viki.

Mark A. Bedford

Following treatment for a fracture to my shoulder (top of the humerus), I’d been signed-off by the hospital physiotherapist, but I still had a very long way to go. Viki stepped in and worked out a weekly programme of stretches and exercises to help me gain my mobility back. Each week she reviewed my progress and discussed my next target. Once I found the exercises easier, I moved on to working with weights to build up the strength in my muscles and ligaments. Every four or five weeks she gives me a massage and works on the painful areas in my arm, as well as my shoulders and back, which she has been looking after for the last few years. For the last few weeks we’ve been in the park throwing and catching different size balls, and working on movements, which had previously been impossible or too difficult and painful. I recently saw a different physiotherapist and she was extremely impressed by my recovery and asked who had been working with me. I was pleased to be able to tell her. I have already recommended Viki to friends and family and cannot speak too highly of her determination to do everything she can to help. She is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and very competent.

Elisabeth P. Dunstable
I’ve received sports massage therapy from Viki on seven past occasions. Each time Viki has been extremely thorough – comprehensively gathering information on both the existing problem and any historical issues that may have relevance. In terms of treatment, I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and aptitude displayed by Viki. The issues I’ve had, have included a sore lower back, calf muscle injuries, quadriceps soreness and stiffness, and upper back pain – all brought about either through long term sporting activities or as a result of a specific sporting activity. The benefit I felt after each consultation was tangible and of great effect. Whilst there is not always a quick fix for some issues, such as back pain, the relief and improvement I have felt since these sessions has been of great benefit to me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Viki’s services to anyone experiencing similar issues.

Gareth H. Bedford

If you are interested in massage therapy for your workforce, or any form of alternative/complementary therapy
that we don’t have detailed on our website, please ask us. We often know a little about it and even someone
who offers it …if not we’d be happy to look into it for you

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