Stop the spread of the virus… NEW Covid-19 antibody testing

Safeguard your workforce and your clients and keep your business (and the economy) going
during the Covid-19 pandemic. On-site Covid-19 antibody tests are now available via our Health Checks service.

Whether you require one-off screening of your employees or regular testing, we can create a bespoke testing programme that will minimise disruption to your activities and protect your workforce and clients.

Testing for Covid-19 will:

  • help to safeguard your workforce and your customers from exposure to infection
  • minimise disruption to your business
  • reduce absenteeism due to self-isolation
  • identify symptomatic and asymptomatic Individuals (silent carriers) infected with the Covid-19 virus, who pose a risk to your workforce and any other individual that they come into contact with.
  • provide your company with crucial information, so that you can take strategic steps to safely implement a phased return to work.
covid19 test
Researchers from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London examined a range of finger prick Covid-19 antibody test kits and found them to be ‘as accurate as sophisticated lab analysis’ with a 95% -98% accuracy rate.
Unlike the throat and nose swab tests designed to identify whether someone is currently infected with the virus, Covid-19 Antibody test kits can also detect whether someone has ‘previously had’ the virus. They provide immediate results, and do not need to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.
Our Covid-19 Antibody Test Kits are approved by Public Health England and are used by the NHS and hospitals worldwide. Tests are carried by our Professional Health Technicians, wearing full PPE, at a Covid secure location on your business premises. Each test takes 20 minutes with results provided during the consultation – therefore both the person being tested and management will know immediately whether the individual needs to be sent home to self isolate, or if it’s reasonable to assume that they are safe to be at work.

With your (and their) safety in mind, our health technicians are tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis.

What the test involves

A finger prick sample of blood is taken by our professional health technician and tested for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies. The test determines whether you have had, or still have the virus, and whether there are antibodies present in your blood which can fight off the virus, should it return.

Recent studies show that it is reasonable to assume that there will be protection for up to one to three years. It’s common for antibodies to wane over time, however when that happens, the immune system doesn’t necessarily have to start again from scratch. Memory of a past infection can be stored in a cell called a ‘memory B cell’. These cells don’t make antibodies unless the virus comes back, but then they react very quickly in making antibodies again.

There are several outcomes to a test, which will tell us one of the following:

1 The patient has early stages of Covid-19
2 The patient has recently/previously been infected with Covid-19
3 The patient has late/end stages of Covid-19 (potentially immune)
4 The patient does not have and has never had Covid-19

Test results

I’ve just had a Covid-19 antibody test. I was initially nervous to have this so I thought it would be useful to share how I found it. Safety was probably my biggest concern as I was inviting somebody into my house, but I needn’t have worried – June was wearing full PPE, she sterilized all the surfaces she used pre- and post test. This made me feel really safe. I was also unsure about what the test would tell me and whether it was value for money. Before taking the test June fully explained what she’d be testing and all the possible outcomes in detail. I felt able to ask questions (even silly ones) and June left a comprehensive leaflet with me, with all the information on. The test itself was pain free and simple, and I got my results within 15 minutes. Finally I guess it can feel uncomfortable inviting someone into your own home. I found June very professional, personable and approachable. I have to say I am so glad I had it done.

Sam Young. Head of Marketing, Argos.
We’ve recently had our Covid-19 Antibody Tests completed. June made herself a sterile, safe and clean environment before thoroughly explaining to us exactly how the process worked. She guided us through step-by-step regarding what she was about to do. The results were back in 15 minutes and we couldn’t have been happier with the results and the service. June is an asset to Celebrate Health & Fitness. You should get yourself booked in today.

Lee Clayton-Harvey. Head of Marketing, Veterinary Business Development.
June arrived promptly in her professional uniform and in full PPE clothing. She was meticulous about cleanliness and sanitized the work surface and the equipment she used. June provided a very professional information card and explained the procedure very clearly. The test was carried out with precision and without any pain, and the results were very transparent for all to see. I would unreservedly recommend June to carry out Covid-19 screening.

Helen Plimmer.
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If you would like to know more about health screening for your workforce, let’s have a conversation.