A proactive approach to workplace wellbeing

 Our ultimate purpose is to improve health and to prevent disease and disability, by helping people develop resilience
to the risks (both physical and mental) associated with running a business or working for a company.

Taking preventative and corrective measures
to protect your employees and your business…

There can be no denying that there is a direct correlation between mental health and physical fitness, as statistics and surveys show.

On average, people in full time work spend more than one-third of their day, five days per week at their workplace, and whilst employers have a legal requirement to provide a safe and hazard-free workplace, they also have abundant opportunities to promote positive mental and physical health practices.

We believe that happy and healthy employees make for better business and we want to work with companies who share that view, to introduce workplace practices that encourage a more alert, energised and active workforce.

From our experience, Health Screening and Workplace Health & Wellbeing programmes are typically perceived positively with employees feeling genuinely cared for, appreciated and valued by their employers.

Evidence shows that companies who increase their investment in workplace wellness programmes, benefit from tangible improvements. By maintaining a healthier workforce you can lower direct costs such as insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims, whilst positively impacting many indirect costs such as absenteeism, presenteeism and poor productivity.

We’ve been providing in-house fitness, and health and wellbeing training to businesses since 2007, expanding our service offering along the way to include Health Screening, Mental Health Support and Supportive Therapies.

We believe we have a rather unique, more holistic insight into what matters to people in terms of their health and fitness, and what works best.

We take a preventative and corrective approach to health and wellbeing – gently educating and supporting each person on their quest to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of themselves, both physically and mentally.

Our advice and support is focused on:

  • Prevention practices – help to prevent, lessen or reverse a particular problem
  • Good nutrition and healthy eating – usually geared towards weight loss
  • Regular activity and fitness
  • Stress management

We educate and support your line managers and key personnel, assisting them in implementing and honing strategies and tactics that benefit your workforce… so whilst your employees reap the rewards from your investment in them, your business also reaps the rewards from their efforts.

Facing the facts…

Far reaching benefits

OUR VISION… ‘One day, all people of working age in the UK will be physically active.
They will live, work and play in environments that encourage and support regular physical activity.’

Our vision… it all sounds very grand doesn’t it. We know that for most people reading this, it’s very aspirational. Why would you invest in fitness training at work for your employees? Or why would you allow them to waste time when they should be working?

Our ultimate purpose is to improve health, prevent disease and disability by helping people develop resilience to the risks (both physical and mental) associated with running a business or working for a company.

With more and more businesses accepting that they have a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ becomes more than just a buzzword.

Our approach is more about a shared responsibility between the state, the business and the individual… The State provides the national infrastructure; the employer provides the means; and the employee takes responsibility for developing their own resilience to sickness and injury.

For our vision to succeed, we will do our best to educate and support individuals, businesses and leaders by assisting them in implementing strategies and tactics that benefit their workforce.

Our plan is to produce a set of policies, programmes and initiatives, designed to increase physical activity in the workplace, support physically active lifestyles, reduce health risks and improve quality of life for employees and the community at large.

We can and do, have a positive impact on companies and society in general. If you would like to know more about
implementing a workplace wellness programme that will benefit your workforce and your business, let’s have a conversation…
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